Carpet Cleaning Dubai

Carpet cleaning service for proud house owner of a beautiful home

When it come to carpet cleaning it is important to follow the proper procedure and technique. Professional carpet cleaner use a combination of equipment and chemicals to clean your carpet.

Before they start, the carpet cleaner will ask you to tuck any items in storage or leave them out of the room. They can also help you with moving furniture if necessary.

After cleaning, it is best to vacuum your carpet to remove any leftover soil. This help the cleaner focus on shampooing the carpet. The rug is then dried. If you have pets keep them out of the area during the drying process.

Before the cleaning begins, it is important to remove any toys, books or decorative items. These items can become sucked into the professional equipment.

The cleaning process begins by spot-testing the stains. Use a white cloth to make sure the stain is not water-soluble. Also, be sure to blot any areas that have set.

Next, use scrub brush to lift dirt and loosen stains. Baking soda can be used to absorb oily or odor-causing stains. You can also use a lint roller to get rid of crumbs.

If there’s a lot of soiled material, consider using a rotary scrubbing machine. Some manufacturers require this method for very filthy carpets.

Before the cleaning begin, be sure to check the manufacturer direction. Some of the most common carpet cleaning products include liquids, additives, and pre-sprays.

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We’ve refined our skills when it comes to Persian and Iranian carpets cleaning! Utilizing only the latest, advanced technology and cleaners, our team strives to provide unparalleled services with great results.


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Whether you’re dealing with a vintage Persian number picked up at an antique market or a fine modern day Gonbadabn (floral) variety from India– no rug is off limits when it comes to our services! 

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No matter the material, whether it be silk, wool, candy or something handcrafted – we accept all sorts of challenging tasks. With every project that comes our way, we see it as an opportunity to expose and appreciate new forms of craftsmanship. 

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Don’t like the hassle of making a trip to get your carpets cleaned? We have you covered! Our pick up and at home service allows you to have your carpets cleaned right where you are –– be it at your house or in the office. Get professional standard results without ever having to leave where you are most comfortable.